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Who are We?

Cygnal Technologies was established on August 17, 2013, we offer solutions that will provide efficiency and effectiveness for you and for your company. We create systems, strategy and analysis for your Information and Communication Technology needs. Now that Cygnal Technologies expanding its area of expertise, do expect that “We deliver, only the BEST!

Our Logos

Cygnaltech Logo
Cygnaltech Logo
Cygnaltech Logo

Our main Logo consists of Three colors, Red, Black and Gray on a white background, another variation is Red, Black and Blue on a white background or Red, Blue and white on a Black backgound, the shape is an inverted Triangle or "nabla", the symbolism are as follows.

Red color on upper left represents Creativity, Integration and illuminity

Black color on upper right represents Power with Elegance

Gray color on lower left represents Timeless and Sophistication

The inverted Triangle shape represents the Harmony of all sides and its meaning

The other color variation of our logo is RED, BLUE and WHITE derived from the NTC (National Telecommunication Commision) color pattern, we use this logo variation when installing network devices for government projects. 

What We Provide? 

  • Systems Development - we provide the best and most systematic solution that will provide your business the right management and path to success.
  • Systems Analysis - accuracy of analysis may lead to different consequences. That is why our analysis will be your basis in decision-making.
  • Systems Implementation - purchased systems yet do not know things around the system?
    - We provide SAP Business One implementation, and Trainings.
    - We do analysis, research and development for applications, so that the end-users will be able to understand things the simplest way.
  • Application Development - we are confident to provide you the best application systems that will help your business to optimize what you have, and suit what your needs. Web-based, server-client based or event stand alone applications. Through Digital Solutions efficiency and effectiveness will be delivered.
  • Server Implementation - we provide assistance, support and even the hardware for your server requirements such as Virtualization (a.k.a Cloud Computing), rack servers and blades. Or even turn your old Tower Type Servers into effective and low-cost systems implementations.
  • Phone/E-mail Support - tired of hearing problems or getting complains emails? We provide technical supports that will assist you or your customer the right solution for your technical problems and needs.
  • Network Enhancement - from traditional network implementation, we can provide network plans and strategy to utilize and provide long term implementations.
  • We do support and trainings for UTM Appliances and Applications such as Cyberoam, Sonicwall, Fortinet, and custom build UTMs
  • We create custom build routers that will suit your needs. See www.cygnaltech.net for more info.
  • Implementation of VLANs and Routings.



Cygnal Technologies Trading and Services is an Authorized Cyberoam Partner.



Cygnal Technologies Trading and Services is duly registered with the NTC (National Telecommunication Commission) with
Permit number: WDN-DD-0453F-2015  to engage in selling, buying and dealership of Wireless Data Network Devices.
Certificate number: RB-0337-2017/VAS to provide Internet Access Service.

Cygnal Technologies Trading and Services is a VAT registered company with VAT REG TIN: 466-228-727-000

Our Address:

   Unit 501-502, ECRDC Condominium
   496 Barranca Drive Corner Talumpong St.
   Mandaluyong City.

   Tel: (02) 997-9125
   Globe Cellphone: 0927-6115-961