Welcome to Cygnaltech Online Store

Cygnaltech can proivde you all the equipments and configuration you need for your hotspot needs, from deploying your Hotspot Access Points, Authentication and a flexible Billing System

   With our Billing System, you can perform the following.

  • Generate Pre-paid cards for one time use 
  • Generate Post-paid cards rechargable
  • Web Self-Registration for permanent accounts
  • Load Charge on account can load a money value to account
  • MAC Authentication - no username and password required
  • Web Self-care - customer can view their purchases,
    change their account service, load an amount to their account
  • Self-Registration with SMS validation for security

All account types can be restricted

  • Speed Limitation (ex. 1mbps download / 512k upload)
  • Online Session Time (ex. per hour / per day / per week / per month / per year)
  • Data Transfer Limit (ex. 1 GB download and 500MB upload -OR- 4GB Total data transfer for both upload and download)
  • Bypass a particular device(s) from the hotspot portal.
  • Restrict Time of day access
    (ex. 1hour prepaid or post paid card can only be used from 8AM to 3PM)
  • Burstable Speed.
    (ex. an 1mbps account can burst its speed to 2mbps)
  • Burstable Speed with Time of Day or Day of Week Access.
    (ex. 1mbps account can burst to 2mbps during weekend from 6AM to 1PM)
  • Auto disconnect idle users.
  • and many more...

With our Hotspot Deployment, we can provide you your own Point-of-Presence, you can expand your hotspot to different locations such as provinces and cities, your billing and authentication will come from a single server, hence; providing your customers a seemingly connectivity using single account.