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Our Warranty Policy

This Lmited Warranty applies to physical goods, and only for physical goods, purchased from Cygnal Technologies Trading and Services.

Our Guarantee

Cygnal Technologies always perform a power-up test to all good(s) before it is ship to customer's destination.

What is NOT covered by the Limited Warranty

Cygnal Technologie's warranty will cover 12 months from the date of purchase of the goods, the following conditions such as but not limited to, are NOT covered by our warranty period.

  • Damaged caused by mechanical, electrical or other accidental or intended damages caused by improper use or due to wind, rain, fire or other acts of nature.
  • Damaged interface ports (SFP, SFP+, .Ethernet, Wireless, USB, Serial)  caused by power surge, electrical malfunction, improper cable connections, improper antenna connections
  • Damaged due to improper installation of the device.
  • Damaged due to shipping or handling.
  • Damaged caused by wrong firmware version upgrade, wrong firmware update procedure
  • Damaged caused by Intentional modification of the equiptment
  • Tampered unit(s) in whole or part of the hardware or software.

What is covered by the warranty?

The Limited Warranty only covers the Factory / Workmanship Defects. - Defective unit due to Manufacturing / Factory / Workmanship.

What are the probable signs if the unit is under the Factory Defects?

You received the goods in original packing and in good condition and no signs of damage caused by shipping or handling, and you encounter the following.

  • The first time you power up the unit and it did not work despite having a good power source (no power or a complete "dead set")
  • The unit powered up but you are unable to access the unit by winbox or webgui despite connecting it directly to a desktop or laptop with proper ethernet cable and proper setup of your computer (subject for remote support)

Note:  Cygnal Technologies reserved the rights to inspect the goods internally and/or externally to identify the cause of damage, whether it is a Factory Defect or not.

How to claim the warranty?

  • Send your unit in complete original packing back to us along with your receipt or the invoice generated by our online store.
  • The customer must bear the round-trip shipping cost.
  • We will inspect the unit for the cause of the damage(s).
  • If we identify that the damaged is within the parameters of the "Factory / Workmanship Defects" we will replace the defective component in whole or part(s)  and send it back to you.

How long to wait for the replacement?

  • If the unit falls under the "Factory / Workmanship Defects", and you sent us the round-trip shipping fee, we will send the unit to you in no time, provided that we have the replacement unit on-stock, otherwise, the delivery lead time for the replacement is 15-45 days
  • If the unit did not fall under the "Factory / Workmanship Defects", the customer must pay for troubleshooting / servicing fee,
  • If the customer wishes to have the unit returned, the customer must shoulder the cost of shipping fee.
If the equipment is out-of-warranty, we can repair your equipment for a fee, the customer must bear all the costs of shipping the equiptment to us and sending it back to you and your shipping cost is non refundable if the equipment cannot be repaired.

*** Our warranty Policy is subject to change without prior notice. ***

Mikrotik General Warranty (http://rma.mikrotik.com)

MikroTik warrants all RouterBOARD series equipment for the term of twelve (12) months from the shipping date to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service, except in case of damage caused by mechanical, electrical or other accidental or intended damages caused by improper use or due to wind, rain, fire or other acts of nature.

To return failed units to MikroTik, you must perform the following RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) procedure. Follow the instructions below to save time, efforts, avoid costs, and improve the speed of the RMA process.

1. If you have purchased your product from a MikroTik Reseller, please contact the Reseller company regarding all warranty and repair issues, the following instructions apply ONLY if you purchased your equipment directly from MikroTik in Latvia.

2. MikroTik does not offer repairs for products that are not covered by warranty. Exceptions can be made for: CCR1016-12G, CCR1016-12G-BU, CCR1036-12G-4S, RB1100, RB1100AH, RB1100AHx2, RB1200, RB600, RB600A and RB800 as a paid service (fees apply).

3. Out-of-warranty devices and devices not covered by warranty sent to Mikrotik will be returned to the sender at sender's cost. If the customer has not organized return of such rejected devices within 12 months from the day of arrival, MikroTik has the right to discard them.

RMA Procedure

1. Send an email to the MikroTik Support department (support@mikrotik.com), detailing the problem that you are having and including as much information as possible. If the Support Department agrees that the unit cannot be revived on-site, and a repair procedure must be performed, Support Department will give you authorization code and link to the Hardware support request form.

2. Fill in Hardware support request form. This form only accepts devices directly sold to you and only items that are covered by warranty. For all items you must provide a problem description and serial number. Products with no serial numbers (such as power supplies) will be selectable from the table of items that were delivered to you.

3. Check if it is possible to obtain compensation by choosing "Preview compensation". System will show how many units can be compensated. When all malfunctioning units are added, please "confirm RMA list".

4. You will receive an E-Mail with RMA link in order to finish and confirm your RMA request. Please use provided link. When it's done, MikroTik will arrange compensated unit dispatch together with next shipment or separately, based on special request.

5. All compensated units must be stored for 12 months, as MikroTik may request them back for inspection. If MikroTik will request units for inspection, but they will not be sent within one month after request, further compensation can be denied.

6. Log into our RMA system webpage to check your RMA shipment, and confirm that all items that are listed will indeed be shipped to us. Please remove all other items from the "current shipment" form. Due to European Union Customs requirements, you must provide an appropriate Original Invoice if you are not a resident of the European Union. We strongly advise to use the standard shipping invoice generated by our RMA system. If you wish to use your own Invoice, you must include the European Union HS (Harmonised System) codes! In the invoice you must also include the RMA Number and the following text "FOR CUSTOMS PURPOSES ONLY. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE." You will be asked to upload the invoice, so we can confirm if the described information is provided correctly, before you send the shipment.

7. Please make sure that you have correctly identified the problem and that the unit is indeed not working, because customer has to pay shipping charges and up to 50$ for testing of each unit, if there were no problems found.
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Before returning a RouterBOARD router, please ensure that:

  • The board has a valid license (you can use serial terminal to check that)
  • The problem is not related to software problems (reinstall the software with Netinstall without saving the configuration to the newest RouterOS version)

8. Products being returned must be shipped at your expense. If the repair is done under warranty, MikroTik will return the product to the customer at no charge.
The RMA shipment number must be on the outside of the return package, and if you use MikroTik invoice - it must be included in the shipment otherwise if you use your own invoice - you need to include printed RMA shipment unit list in the shipment, or the package will be rejected and returned to customer.
Contents of the package must match the information on the printed RMA shipment unit list, or the package will be returned as is. The customer will pay for the return shipping of products that are not covered by warranty.

9. Products to be returned should be properly packed to avoid damage during delivery. Such transport damages may cause false analysis results and/or lead to invalidation of warranty.

10. Please send the shipment to the RMA facility address (will be issued upon approval of your RMA form).
To speed up your RMA procedure, fill in all shipping information in your RMA account (name of the carrier, flight details, airway bill number etc).

Useful information:

  • Routers returned for repair must be either unlocked from all passwords, or the full-access password must be provided.
  • If you have a broken RouterBOARD then please do not send back working power supply components (Power adapter, POE Power injector, POE Power supply or Power plug). This will save transportation costs for you.
  • Please inform us of any changes to your company information:
    E-mail: rma@mikrotik.com
    Fax: (371)67317701
  • You will receive notification by E-mail:
    • when MikroTikls RMA center will receive your shipment
    • when MikroTikls RMA center will send back to you repaired goods
  • In case the RMA Department sends you an Original Invoice for approval, it should be approved within one month, otherwise the RMA shipment will be sent with the standard RMA Department created Invoice and added to your next regular order.
  • When you log into your account, you can see your RMA history. That will include all shipping information and your RMA status changes history.
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